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Our Products

Sustainable Regions is an initiative by SLS to join forces with municipalities, cities or counties, to turn their region, into a world leading climate smart – fossil free and CO2 positive – sustainable region. The initiative shall spearhead global collaborations with regions all over the world, and SLS has already initiated negotiations with its strategic partner China Construction (the world's largest construction company) to identify suitable regions in China in a Government-to-Government partnership with Sweden. Discussions is also ongoing with our partner in west Africa to develop “Sustainable Abidjan” and with partners in South Africa to develop “Sustainable Cape Town”.

Active Building™ is a product that enables communities, cities and  regions to either refurbish existing buildings into fossil free, Co2 positive, climate smart and energy optimized buildings in urban renewal projects and/or in developments of new smart sustainable cities and regions.

Active Building™ is what we define as a building that is energy self-sufficient, with reuse of water and sewage water and built in sustainable material that actively absorbs CO2 and thus contributes to the fight against global climate change.

To provide the concept of Active Building™ we have teamed up with several leading suppliers and subcontractors providing requested sustainable building materials, energy solutions, energy optimisation, also including waste- & waste water to energy soltuions.